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Patio and driveway cleaning service for Bishops Stortford

Our high pressure washing service for Bishops Stortford revives patios and driveways.

Water has been used for centuries as the prime element in all cleaning applications. Excel utilises this element and harnesses its full potential by using high pressure to produce outstanding results on patios, driveways and paths in Bishop’s Stortford.

In a short time rainwater that contains minerals and atmospheric pollutants can deteriorate and stain unprotected surfaces such as driveways and patios. But our pressure washing system has proved successful and we have many happy customers in the Bishops Stortford area.


Why should you use our pressure washing service for your driveway or patio?


  • Our pressure washing equipment is self contained which elimiates the need to search for an electricity supply.
  • We provide specialist solutions to remove staining from your drive or patio.
  • High quality penetrating repellents providing colourless, long lasting protection against aesthetic deterioration.
  • SmartSeal Approved for protective coatings and seals.


If you need a reliable pressure washing service in or around the Bishops Stortford area please contact us and we will be pleased to provide a free quotation.

Call us now to find out more: 0800 955 2930